A Very Economic Regulator For Gas Usage in Welding Machines!

Sedat Kılınç, a forth year mechanical engineering student in the University of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey developed a new system that increases the systematic thriftiness of welding machines up to %40 between %90 in accordence with the utilization techniques of the sample gases in those machines. His work is accepted by 100 factories in Turkey Central City Ankara such as Tofaş, Aygaz, Oyak Renualt and BMC.

He indicated that if a company having expenditures of 10000 TL (appr.6000$) for sample gas usage in welding machines for a month makes a one-time expenditure costing 3000-4000 TL (appr. 1600$-2300$) by buying one of these machines, they are able to decrease the cost up to 2000-3000TL (appr.1200$-1600$)

What he is now doing is, he has a company called ALSE Trade and Mechanical Industry Co. working with his coworker teknician, also a family friend, having 3 more essential projects waiting for international patent acknowledgement. He as a first breath, exported the machine to Australia and Iran. Below, There exist a sample Welding Regulator photo...