Tactics For Website Traffic

  • Determine an Original Topic and Choose a nice name...
It is essential to find a new trend for your website. Please do not jump "like a rabbit" with respect to the new thoughts. Should you be a specialist on a topic, you also have the opportunity to attract the users of an other website which is not such a professional website as you. Similarly, be careful to choose the right catchword, for instance do not call like a politician's unrealistic slogans.
  • Attractive and The Perfect Content Aim
As you know the users enters a website for one reason. Let say "Interest". Try to express the people's thoughts in your mind and realize the people's interest by serving them with the relevant information or enough background.Be original, understandable and straightforward.
  • Inform your clients
Do not confine yourself by just genrating nice content, but also you should inform your customers. How?
  1. Inform by mailing to your mail lists.
  2. Search for low payment-max efficiency methods: ads companies...
  3. Sign in to forums and serve people by files in "zip" or "rar" formats having the password of your website link
  4. Use the messenger programs instant message topics
  5. Use your website link as your signature on the ones you are allowed to...
  6. For instance, make an arrangement with 10 people or more, but for what...?
Please Do not feel " Hey.. man!!! Please do not come to the fact that you can earn by just clicking on the ads, I see all such events everywhere on Internet..." The way I want to reach is just a suggestion may also be helpful to your zero-cost ads processes if you feel yourself competent to build a multi-powered website. You are like a man who just request small amount of time daily from your friends by strong determination which is also similar to the way "withdrawing credit from several banks with several possessed hypothecs"

As you know there are many ads paid to click websites all around the Internet. For instance, BUX.TO or ADBUX or such websites offers 0.01$ to 0.1$ to every clicks of you. May be You have already been familiar to such websites but what do you think of the thought "Just tell 10-20 people on your mail list, request them to be a referral of you and direct them to the fact that "You will generate money by just clicking on the ads like my other 20 friend up to the min withdraw limit 10$ or more". I mean whoever becomes a member lonely, there should be a little long time to reach min payout.However, lets make a calculation:

Let's say You have 10 ads a day and if every clicks generates 0.01 $ than u have 0.1$ daily by BUX.TO=> Only You

Let's say You have 20 friends who are so generous to help you on your free money project and your money generated becomes 2$ daily and it becomes 60$ for a month...Enough money for Google Adwords Program or Bidvertiser or Widgetbuck. Just spend it for your advertisement of your website. By the way, please give promise to your firends that "I will pay all of your efforts in the next months" which means when you reach such a high amount of page views, your supporters help can easily be paid by you..Please do not make fun of this tactic. This is just a suggestion to earn for the cost of your website's advertisements on Internet. "Earn without Losing..."

Now Let's come to the fact that What if They say " I have no time for ads-clicking daily..." Then, just explain all details of your website project. Because we should find people who believe in you and who would like to get into a new hope and greed "Earn Without Losing". I mean It's like "Placebo" effect. How? You say "just click to the ads, and help me to generate money for advertisement cost of my website" by taking a step to new lucrative - correlated opportunity.
  • Search Engines...:P
Just one thing to say...Reach every engine and directories that you are able to register your website domain. Please, be patient. I do not say "Hey, man register yourself to 30.000 search engines step by step..."It's almost time-consuming. I want to indicate the fact that "The ones you are able to..." "And the ones you are not able to can be achieved by paying small amount of fee." look: dmoz.org or yahoo directory...

  • Link Exchanges...
Reach the admins of other websites having the same content of yours and be kind to make arrangement alltogether...

  • Website design ==> Nice Usability ==> Happy Clients
Should you design your website carefully, it becomes so easy for the clients to surf and if you arrange the website space according to low-space-max-traffic-presentable-sight, that means you are on ideal conditions. Please do not forget the fact that "People love the one easy-usable."
Additionally, the first impression can show the everlasting interests of your clients.
  • "Hey, I am listening You.."
They will comment on your website and you will not be interested in, huh? Oh!!! What a big fault it would be... Of course, I do not say "Answer all questions..!" I mean please be a man who not usually but in case of necessity says "Your wishes are my command" or " I have respect to your thoughts"