Should you live in a university campus or a company's own plaza,there may have been som rules to use Internet Network such as download limits or the limits refering to download rules.

Especially some university campuses have some rules rejecting the usage of high download rates or torrent files that makes users to obey rules and to have some penalties such as the fact that my university campus rejcets torrent files or P2P programs. Therefore, should I not obey these rules, my Internet connection is banned for 3 days up to 7 days.What I big disappointment?

Then, what can We do?

  • According to my investigation on Internet about mutual-advantageous ways for downloading anything from Internet sources, I found a very tactical and unbeliveable way to deal with my campus unnecessary Network Rules about torrents
  • What you see is What you get style this Internet oppurtunity favors its users with the pros of downloading torrent files
This website is a "Web-based Torrent Downloader"

It has a simple java application and easy-to-use interface.You don't need to use a Bittorrent client or any other program to download torrent files.

The only thing you need to do is copying the url of the torrent file and starting the download process

Here is an image for your Interest
Have nice Intellectuality

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